Like Forrest Gump's Mama said, "Stupid is as stupid does!"
JackassTales...Tale 56…Readers; this is another taboo tale involving preteen sexual participants. This is not a fairytale but I have taken fanciful liberties with the telling. Characters, situations, and language are exaggerated.

Foreword---In the novel, MOBY DICK, one of Herman Melville’s characters (“Call me Ishmael”) describes the creature he seeks as “an old bull whale of prodigious size and strength…!”

Moby’s Big Dick & the Little Girl Who Loves It

MELVIN DICK had a wicked sense of humor. “Well Honey,” he said to his wife of thirty years. “We have become parents of a son in our too-old age, so don’t you think the boy’s name ought to at least reflect something about him? It certainly fits! Well, doesn’t it?”

Although crying inside, Mildred Dick attempted to suppress a snicker. “Yes Melvin, it fits!” she said as she looked down into the cradle of her newly christened son. This first time mother had been warned about the dangers of birth defects if she failed to abort the fetus she had found herself carrying months ago. But, after decades of trying to become pregnant, she stubbornly refused to ignore the calls to rid her body of the baby despite the risks.

So, into the world was thrust this child and the unheeded warnings had indeed born fruit. The baby did have birth defects. Before seeing the light of his first full day, he had been diagnosed with some form of challenging mental deficiency. On the surface, his boy’s body showed absolutely no physical deformity. Well, at least as long as he was clothed. When exposed to naked inspection, this male child’s form revealed an uncommon abnormality. Thus, his name was given. Moby Dick had an oversized masculine sex organ!

Moby did not cry. He did not coo or babble as other babies do. His only signs of mental awareness came when his diaper was being changed. The boy seemed to actually enjoy the freedom of nudity. If his sensitive penis were accidentally touched he would giggle. When bathed in his baby bath, Moby laughed aloud when the washcloth washed his private parts.

Mildred Dick was troubled. She became uncomfortable with thoughts of an improper violation of her young son’s body by his very own mother. Her remedy was to hire a private duty nurse for her baby. Moby still giggled and laughed aloud when his penis was touched, but there was neither harm nor foul because Martha Pequod was a professional with impressive qualifications.

As Moby grew, Miss Martha proved her worth. She took on the additional duties of being this boy’s private teacher. Whether or not the child understood her lessons mattered little to this instructor. As a certified healthcare professional, this nurse and teacher taught using the principle laid down by doctors who tell loved ones to talk to patients in a coma.

It was this educator who discovered an astounding correlation between penile touch and mental clarity. Whenever Miss Martha’s granddaughter accompanied her grandmother to work, Moby began displaying signs of agitation. The boy became fidgety. His abnormally large penis swelled to an even greater size. Somewhere in this boy child’s mind was a glimmer of masculine normality.

The girl’s name was Kathleen. Carrying the unusual last name of ‘Ishmael’, she was often thought of as having a Middle Eastern ancestry, but this child’s long strands of curly, flame-red hair and her pale, lightly-freckled face belied those beliefs and gave clear evidence to her Irish heredity. Early in her life this girl was alleged to have been overheard saying, “Call me Katie.” So, Katie it was.

Katie often volunteered to assist her grandmother in her duties. Moby wasn’t the first boy-child she had bathed but the size of his pee-pee nearly overwhelmed her senses. First of all, for some unexplainable reason, she ‘liked’ it quite a lot. And secondly, when she did bathe him the female mound between her own legs tingled then stiffened and swelled.

Miss Martha was fully aware of her granddaughter’s attraction to Moby’s penis. As far as she was concerned, this was just a normal feminine reaction. What was not normal was the fact that when the girl was around the boy his mind perked up nearly to the point of showing understanding. And, when her hands bathed his body, his mental acuity improved exponentially.

ON ONE particular day, Katie volunteered to bathe Moby in the bathtub. The boy was now ten years in age while she was now twelve. All was going as usual with the bath until Moby was asked to get up on his knees so his body could be washed more easily. Without really intending to, Katie wrapped the soapy fingers of one hand around the boy’s penis and began playing with it. This was something she had never consciously done before. Even though she had relatively long digits at the end of her hands, this girl’s fingertips could not touch.

Moby’s dick was swelling to such a distended girth as it had never swollen to before and was stretching to a length which was more elongated than it had ever been. Why she did it, Katie could not say, but the girl began to pump the monstrous handful of masculine meat she was attempting to control. When one slippery hand could not contain the Beast, she supported it with the other. “God forgive me!” she unintentionally shouted. “But, I love it, I love it, I love Moby’s dick, I do!”

For the first time in his entire life, Moby Dick displayed ability for speech. “I like,” he muttered. He had spoken only two words, yet it was enough. Or was it? “I like Katie.” he said more plainly. “And, I like what Katie is doing.”

Katie screamed, “Granny!” The girl reluctantly released the grip she had on the penile giant she lusted for. She jumped to her feet and ran to the bathroom door. Standing in the hallway, the girl shouted, “Granny, Mr. and Mrs. Dick, Moby can talk!”

Such was the momentous promise of the young girl’s statement, Melvin and Mildred Dick hurried down the hall as quickly as their aging bones would allow them. Miss Martha reached her granddaughter’s side a few seconds before the parents did. “Katie girl, are you certain of what you are saying?” the woman quizzed. “Please tell us what you say is truth!”

“Granny, it is true!” Katie adamantly insisted. “Moby said two words, then three words, and then he spoke a whole sentence.”

The girl and the adults entered the bathroom without delay. All three adults were hoping and praying for a miraculous event to have occurred. With a beaming grin on her face, Katie was eager to show off her accomplishment. She had done something nobody else had been able to do. At only twelve years in age, she had gotten a ten-year-old, mute, mentally challenged boy to talk!

Or had she. While the bathroom was nowhere near to being cold, the bathwater was much more inviting and warmer to Moby’s touch. He had sat back down to warm himself in its comforting waters. This boy paid little attention when the room began filling with people. He made no response to the voice saying, “Moby, talk for my Granny.”

The voice spoke again, “Moby, please, won’t you speak for your mother and father?”

Still, no response was forthcoming. Heartbroken, the voice implored, “Moby, will you speak to your Katie?”

Silence. Tears dripped from Katie’s eyes. Dejected, the forlorn girl cried, “I swear Granny, Moby did talk. He said, ‘I like’, ‘I like Katie’, and ‘I like what Katie is doing’. Granny, he did say these words!”

Bursting into full blown tears, the crying girl comforted herself in her grandmother’s embrace. Allowing the child to cry it out, Miss Martha at last said, “Honey, I believe you. If you say Moby talked, then he did indeed!” Then this grandmother asked the question she was unsure she wanted answered, “But, for goodness sakes child, what was it ‘Katie was doing’ that the boy ‘liked’?”

Katie’s body stiffened. Her tears dried. For a moment in time she was muted herself. When her voice came, it was stilted. “I…I…Granny, I…” she stammered. “I was just giving him his bath.” Guilt gnawed at Katie’s conscious. Unable to bear the untold truth, she added in a soft whisper, “And…playing with his…his big ‘boy-thing’.”

Just then an astonishing request was made by an inconceivable source. “Katie, will you do it again?” Mildred Dick pleaded. “Please Honey, will you play with his boy-thing some more and make Moby talk? His father and I have never even heard a peep out of his mouth!”

Katie was flabbergasted. They wanted her to play with Moby’s dick again…in front of them! She knew she just couldn’t do it. She didn’t even dare. Glancing towards her grandmother, the girl saw no disapproval. Instead, she saw the nodding of a conspiratorial head. If only she were alone with this boy as she was before. Oh, if only, then she would love to play with him again. If, if, if…God she wanted that monstrous penis in her hands just once more!

Without her explicit consent, one of Katie’s hands descended into the porcelain tub and disappeared under the warm bathwater. The girl’s fingers once more grabbed the Beast, but the monstrous creature had changed its form. It was no longer hard. This girl wasn’t too young to know what the word ‘flaccid’ meant. Yes, Moby’s dick was asleep. Well, she would fix that! “Get up on your knees, Moby, so I can wash you easier,” she ordered.

Obediently, the boy rose to his knees. After soaping her hands, the girl moved the slowly- awakening penis aside then she cupped his testicle sack in first one hand then two. The bag and the two egg shaped balls inside seemed very heavy but Katie had no time to stop and weight them on the bathroom scales. As she fondled the ponderous family jewels, she saw an immediate reaction atop them. Moby’s dick was rising. And, like a flesh and blood Lazarus, it arose with amazement. Penile skin stretched around swelling meat, blood raced through distended veins, and raw masculinity was seemingly
challenged to find what limit of lengthened measurement it could reach.

Katie’s fingertips teased the hardening penile flesh. Her lathered fingers slowly encircled the swollen manliness of the boy. Loosing awareness of prying eyes, this girl once again began pumping Moby’s dick.

Suddenly, the ears of hoping and praying adults heard a never heard before voice. “Hi Katie, I love you,” Moby greeted. “My sweet girl makes me feel so good!”

Mildred Dick’s knees weakened and she would have collapsed on the tile floor had not her husband caught her. Parental prayers had been answered. Both parents and their son’s nurse/teacher were astounded. Not only was this boy capable of speech but he was also possessed with intelligence thought! He had composed a loving soliloquy to the girl who was doing nasty things to his penis.

What now? Perhaps this wasn’t the appropriate thing to say, but Miss Martha blurted out, “I have always heard that men have two ‘heads’ and that they most often ‘think’ with their small one!” Despite the seriousness of the situation, Melvin Dick laughed aloud. Miss Martha then added, “Although I wouldn’t exactly say there is anything ‘small’ about Moby’s second head!”

At this, even Mildred Dick snickered. She soon regained her composure. “But Martha, doesn’t this mean he is not really mentally challenged?” she beseeched. “The doctors are wrong, aren’t they?”

Before answering, Miss Martha looked to her young male patient and student and then to her granddaughter. Embarrassed by the attention, the girl had released her handhold on the boy’s penis. Already this woman’s trained professional nursing eyes detected a glimmer of mental perception slipping away from Moby. The correlation between sexual stimulation and mental acuity had never been so apparent! Just to be sure…

“Katie, grab Moby’s dick again!” Miss Martha commanded. “Play with it more, pump it harder, and maybe even kiss or lick it! Make him talk. Make him ‘think’. Give him the inspiration he needs to escape from his neurological prison. Something in his damaged brain is imbalanced and it may be improbable, but it’s conceivable, that your physical lust and emotional love can help restore normal balance!"

Melvin and Mildred Dick pleaded in unison, “Yes Katie, do it! Please play with Moby’s penis!”

Katie stared at the three adults. Speaking of being normal, goodness any other time these people would be shocked and disgusted to find out that an almost-teenager girl was molesting a young boy! Especially this little, mentally-challenged boy! On the other hand, there wasn’t much about Moby that was ‘little’. This boy was already developing the height, weight, and muscular physique of a much older guy. Why, he was already a quite a bit bigger and several inches taller than she was! And then, of course, there was the size of his penis. Yes, there was that.

Shaking her head as if to rid it of over-thinking the situation, Katie reached out and regained her handhold on Moby’s dick. Oh god, it was such a nice one! It was so big and beautiful! The girl began playing. Even her untrained eyes saw the clouds of mental murkiness lift from his eyes. The boy was smiling. His face was beaming. He liked what this girl was doing to him. Well, that’s fine because she liked it, too! Consequently, she played with an invigorated fervor. She pumped, she pulled, she tugged, and she made this monster dick her own personal plaything.

Katie’s grandmother had told her she could kiss Moby’s penis, so that is what she did. Rinsing the soapy film off it by splashing water, the girl bent over and repeatedly kissed every inch of penile flesh her lips could reach. She pressed her lips so tightly against the throbbing skin she could feel hot blood speeding through distended veins. As a nurse’s granddaughter, this girl knew how to take a pulse. As a result, this training alerted her to the fact that Moby’s heartbeat was racing rapidly. Katie seemed sure she was the first play-nurse who had taken a pulse with her lips. Although this was her first time, she knew if she had
her way she would be taking this boy’s penis pulse with her lips every chance she got.

Katie’s own pulse was also running fast. The girl was excitedly kissing and licking the big fella between Moby’s legs. In a fit of enthusiastic oral passion, this young lady accidentally found herself holding the head of the Beast sandwiched within her lips. Instinct told her to suck so she suckled and slurped with the thirsty eagerness of a starving baby suckling on its mother’s milk-swollen tit. Without consciousness telling her to do so, Katie opened her mouth wide. The monster dick slid in between her teeth.

It wasn’t possible! Was the monstrous Beast buried within her mouth? Katie’s mind didn’t believe it was true, but instead of recoiling in fear, she took on the task of taming the creature. The girl’s tongue licked inflamed flesh. Her teeth chewed and scraped skin. Meat-hungry lips and mouth ate with a voracious tenacity. Saliva freely flowed within the girl’s oral cavity coating and lubricating the penis shaft. The penile pole became so slippery wet it easily slipped in and out as this girl’s bobbing head attacked it.

Katie had never had a ‘cock’ within her mouth before, but she was one young lady who had now come to the realization that she might be a good ‘cocksucker’. She surely did like doing it and the boy she was sucking certainly seemed to like the way she did it. Wonder of wonders, Granny had been right! Moby was thinking and talking up a storm! He declared his immature love, he voiced his pleasure with passion, and he left no doubts when verbalizing his lusts for Katie.

Busy with her own lusts, Katie continued her cocksucking education and paid little attention to the voices above her. She was so enamored of the dick she was sucking she didn’t even hear her grandmother’s warnings until the older lady’s fingers pulled on her hair and her voice alerted her to the choking dangers of ejaculatory fluids.

“Miss Martha, he’s too damn young,” Melvin Dick informed. “He is old enough to have orgasms, but not old enough to spurt out ‘stuff’!”

Ha, leave it to a woman to know! Under ordinary circumstances maybe, and with an ordinary boy this age for sure, but no sooner had Miss Martha’s fingers pulled her granddaughter’s head and face away from Moby’s dick than that boy’s man-cock begin an ejaculation eruption that would have made the Old Faithful geyser proud.

Katie had regained her handhold on Moby’s dick and she watched the eruption with the curiosity of a young, feminine mind. Holding onto the boy’s thick, cylindrical hose, she sprayed the back wall of the bath & shower with a pressurized stream of white, milky seminal cream. If an onlooker didn’t know better, he or she might suspect the girl of trying to pass the firefighter’s test by putting out a house afire with a bulging firehose.

Moby’s mouth was uttering guttural noises born deep in the pit of his oversized masculine loins. Katie’s bathing hands always did feel oh so good, but this, these glorious sensations, these orgasms caused by this girl’s pumping hands, were absolutely the most amazing feelings his young body had ever known! The boy joyously gloried as every drop of seminal fluid squirted from his stiffened erection.

Katie became possessed. The girl was so enraptured by penile lust she pumped Moby’s monstrous dick furiously. The Beast was so hot, was pulsating blood so feverously, and was expelling so much cream from its head she became lost in a dreamland of wonder. This almost-teen young woman’s pussy swelled and dripped with a few drops of feminine moisture. Although barely into puberty, her female body had not yet experienced a menstrual bleed.

Prepubescent she might be, but Katie’s mind couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like to have that hot, pulsating, cream-expelling dick inside her burning little pussy. Would it even fit? A lubricated hotdog did fit inside her not long ago. This girl had broken her own hymen in hopes of having an orgasm. It failed to achieve her goal. As of this day, she was a technical virgin who had never cum. Eventually, Moby’s squirting hose ran its seminal reservoir dry yet Katie refused to release the inflamed meat from her hands. Subsequently, the penis denied the instinct to shrink.

The adults had asked a girl to play with their boy’s penis in hopes of getting him to speak, but when he finally did his words were not anything they expected. “Father, isn’t Katie a good cocksucker!” Moby announced. “I think she gives a better blowjob and handjob that any of those girls in your movies do!”

Mildred Dick turned on her husband. “What movies?” she accused. “Melvin Dick, have you been letting our child watch pornography!”

Moby interrupted in order to stick up for his dad. “Oh Mother, please don’t blame Father,” he said defensively. “I think he somehow had an idea I liked it, and I did!”

Mildred and Melvin Dick were so taken aback by the incredulous realization that their son could not only talk but also display intelligent rationalization that they forgot all else. Their child wasn’t a ‘dummy’! Shit, not by a long damn means! With love, work, and time, he might even be expected to be ‘normal’!

Miss Martha’s professional mind saw signs of even greater promise. If one sexual experience could open the boy’s mind this much, then perhaps a steady sex schedule was what he needed to permanently unlock his brain. Who knows, with a tutorial mixture of sex and teaching Moby Dick might just turn out to be a great intellect!

As if to give credence to all this wishful thinking, Moby proved his quickness of thought and his sexual infatuation by asking, “Mother may I…may I ask Katie to take a bath with me? I would like to do all of the things she did to me to her girl’s body. I do know how. Father’s movies taught me by demonstration. May I, may we?”

Katie’s mind flipped end over end. God, there was nothing in this world she wanted more than to be touched by this boy! If she had a chance, would she take it? Her female brain rambled and wondered; what would she do if that monstrous dick dared touch her pussy, would she let it in, would she let Moby fuck her. At the same time she saw the three adult’s heads nodding their affirmative agreement, the girl felt a fumbling hand reaching under the skirt of her dress. She nearly swooned there on her knees by the naked boy’s tub. Katie’s next conscious memory came a few seconds later when a groping hand slipped under the waistband of her panties and then began fondling her hot, newly-wet pussy. All of this girl’s wondering questions were now answered. Yes, she would let Moby fuck her! Her fear was gone. She didn’t know exactly how something that big would fit into her tight little vaginal hole, but yes, god yes, she wanted the Beast inside her pussy!

Moby must have taken his mother’s quietness as acquiescence to his request. Katie made no objections as he pulled her yellow summer dress up her slim body and slipped it over her head. The girl wore only panties and a training bra beneath her dress. The boy in the bathtub quickly stripped the undergarments off her then bodily lifted her nude, preteen form over the lip of the tub. In his hurry to get the naked girl into his bath, Moby plopped her ass into the water with such force the soapy liquid splashed out onto the tiles of the bathroom floor.

Masculine hands began a furious exploration of this girl’s feminine body. Young breasts swelled and tiny nipples stiffened. As hands began playing with her pussy, Katie looked to her grandmother and pleaded, “Granny, could you please ask everyone to leave us alone?”

Just then, a soapy finger entered this girl’s vaginal hole. She shuddered and her body froze in place as the fleshy digit twirled around inside. Female juices flowed further wetting the unfamiliar intruder. Somewhere in the back of her mind, Katie heard a man’s voice speaking, but such was the exquisite pleasure of Moby’s manual manipulations, she had no idea as to what was said.

“Now Martha,” Melvin Dick asserted. “I think I ought to stay in order to instruct the boy! Don’t you agree?”

This man’s wife wasn’t the one to whom the question was directed, but it was she who answered. “Dirty Old Man, go back to your porn,” Mildred Dick commanded. “And, leave these innocent kids to their harmless play! Besides, from what I’ve observed, Moby needs no instruction!”

Proving his mother correct, Moby’s finger continued its vaginal exploration while his lips latched onto a ripening nipple then began a suckling, kissing expedition into the mammary valley and up the hills of two young tits. Having been bottle fed as a baby, this boy made up for lost nipple-sucking time by aggressively attacking Katie’s. Whether or not it was possible to do, Moby seemed to be attempting to suck the reddish-pink color off the two nubile-nubbed strawberries.

Katie cared not one bit that Moby was a little too rough. The tit play felt good, but more importantly, the finger playing inside her pussy was coming very, very close to making her cum. Oh yes, she wanted her first big ‘O’. This girl was dying to have an orgasm! But sadly, it was a finger doing the deed and not Moby’s big dick. Oh god, the boy’s oversized penis was the thing she wanted inside her vagina the ‘first time’ for her! Shoot, even if the Beast would fit into her tight little hole, the boy probably didn’t know how to do it!

At times circumstances conspire to make wishes come true. Why he did it, Moby didn’t say with his newfound voice, but he stood up in the bathtub with the naked girl cradled in his arms. He gently lowered her slippery ass onto the terrycloth-covered lid of the commode and then he pushed the top of her body until her back leaned against the toilet tank. Kneeling between his girl’s slender legs, the boy bent over and kissed the inviting pussylips presented to him. He spread the lips then flicked and licked the clit hiding inside. With his tongue, this virginal young man tasted the sweet juices of awakening womanhood.

After temporarily satisfying his mouth, his lips, and his tongue with delicious, juicy pussy fruit, Moby stood on his knees, reached behind his back, and grabbed the bar of soap Katie had been using to bathe him. Lathering his hands, the boy lubricated his penis with a super-slick coating of scented aloe and vitamin E. Call it instinct, call it porn education, or call it plain ole masculine lust, but this boy’s swollen penile missile shot straight in through the girl’s puffy outer pussylips, kissed the inner lips, and penetrated into its targeted vaginal hole.

As soon as she saw the soap, Katie guessed its intention. She steeled her nerves, held her breath, and awaited the Beast’s arrival. She felt her outer pussylips spread. She felt the penis head’s quick kiss on her inner lips. And then, wonder of wonders, her vaginal muscles stretched and the monstrous shaft entered her young body! Deep, the slippery devil did go. And then, deeper yet it delved until it bottomed out at a place which felt just shy of shooting out her bellybutton. Oh sweet, glorious majesty, was it!
Katie began thinking about how thankful she was Moby had been watching porn. As an almost-teen girl, she had only limited knowledge about ‘fucking’. Oh she knew what went where and the basic mechanics of fornication, but as to actually doing it, she had not a clue! This girl hoped, she prayed, she beseeched the spirits of Heaven and Hell that this innocent boy really, really knew how to screw a pussy!

Before the echo of Katie’s unspoken prayers faded away, the girl felt Moby’s slippery shaft repeatedly pounding into and out of her body. The bloated Beast thrust deep, it stretched her super-tight little hole, and it filled her vaginal cavity with its monstrous meat. Best of all, the rapidly rutting, inflated penis was building a frictional fire within the feminine hole where orgasms are born! Without intending too, this girl screamed aloud, “Oh Moby, please make me cum!’

Needing no encouragement, this boy was trying to do just that. As an added treat, he hoped to have the thrill of cumming, too. Moby’s dick was feeling the same frictional fire as the pussy it was fucking. Hoping for mutual fulfillment, the boy’s monstrous penile mammoth switched from a slow, rhythmic seduction to a furious, jackrabbit-quick, jackhammer-hard molestation. Seminal fluids boiled inside his body and his testicle sack. His replenished reservoir of masculine cream rushed from its pressurized tanks and escaped out through the hole in the reddening head of his dick. As orgasms grabbed his senses, he grunted, he groaned, and he let fly the birth of manhood.

The Beast’s magnificent molestation did the deed. Katie’s pussy pulsed with raging feminine hormones, it accepted its fantastic fate, and it welcomed the oncoming storm. She screamed when the first big ‘O’ raced throughout her body. She whimpered nonstop as other wondrous orgasms reached into her soul and made her cry with joy.

Just when she believed she could stand no more, Katie felt the monster spit. The Beast’s head discharged spurts of blistering seminal spittle causing the girl’s pussy to experience relentless rounds of multiple orgasms. The glory of being a young woman hit deep into the heart of her femininity. This girl who had begged to cum was now cumming so much her voice became raspy from squeals and screams. Yet, she knew she would not change a thing!

“Oh god, who needs porn when you have something like this under your own roof!” Melvin Dick exclaimed.

Oh god, indeed! Katie and Moby had forgotten all about the adults being present. Perhaps, since the girl had asked, the two believed they had followed her plea to leave the bathroom. Well, they had not. The father of the boy had his hand in his pants. The two women had their faces buried in their clasped hands with tears running down their cheeks.

Whether or not Katie minded the audience, Moby didn’t ask. Instead, he paid no attention to the spectators. Reaching behind the girl, he sat her up and pulled her nude body toward him. With his stiffened erection still buried inside her overflowing pussy, he did a thing he was dying to do. He kissed her lips. Uncertain about how to kiss, this boy’s lips proceeded hesitantly.

Katie had no such uncertainty about how to kiss. She and her cousin Susie had been practicing on each other for almost a month. Pulling her mouth away from Moby, she licked her lips then she licked his. Now that she had made preparations, Katie assaulted Moby’s lips with her own saliva-wet, slippery mouth. Moisturized mouths collided in an impassioned expression of loving infatuation. Tongues touched, they played, and they took turns slipping in and out of each others mouths.

Tongues were not the only moisturized body parts colliding with passion. While it seemed improbable that even one more orgasm could flow through this couple’s conjoined loins, the unlikelihood was proven to be possible. Moby’s big dick spasmed again and it spewed out more orgasmic discharges. Although her vaginal cavity was filled to capacity with seminal creams, Katie’s pussymuscles contracted and squeezed the Beast with all their might. This girl’s body jerked spastically as her hormonal vagina squirted out feminine cum. Together a young male and female discovered love and lust’s wondrous magic.

OVER the next several years Moby and Katie repeated this copulation celebration as many times as possible each week. Gallons of semen and sperm had flowed from one body to the other. Trying to keep things fresh, the two occasionally watched a porn video with the elderly Dick. Very, very rarely, they allowed the old man to watch them fuck. Other than this, there were no more spectators.

Miss Martha had been a very astute nurse and teacher when she had long ago asked her young granddaughter to give to the young boy ‘the inspiration he needs to escape from his neurological prison. Something in his damaged brain is imbalanced and it may be improbable, but it’s conceivable, that your physical lust and emotional love can help restore normal balance’.

Normal balance was indeed eventually restored. Moby’s mind flourished to the point where he finished an entire 1st through 8th grade course of home-schooling in only four years. Now, at fourteen years in age, the boy was preparing to pursue a ‘normal’ course of education as a freshman in high school. His frequent bedmate, Katie, was entering her junior year at the same school.

The years had been kind to Katie’s body. At sixteen, she had curves aplenty including well-formed breasts, sexy-slender legs, and a shapely ass. She, too, had been a studious school pupil and had excelled with high academic marks. Happiness and joy had filled her young teen years.

Yet now, this young lady was worried to death. She was scared shitless!

The source of Katie’s fears could be found inside her young lover’s pants. You see, Moby’s big dick had gotten much bigger! Compared to the penis that had first given her vaginal pleasure, the Beast was now an enormous penile giant! Oh she loved the feel of the massive monster when it was inside her pussy! She loved it in her mouth! And, god help her, she even loved it in her ass!

Even now as the lubricated Beast was plunging into and out of her pussy, Katie’s fears gnawed at her consciousness. Even as Moby’s big dick spit its orgasming cream into her own cumming vaginal cavity, she worried about what would happen when the other girls at school found out about this boy’s glorious sexual tool. The goddamned perverted bitches would want to have it, too! Damn them all to hell, I hate them!

“Oh Moby, that feels soooo good!” Katie screamed. Paying no attention to the pain of her head hitting the rutting boy’s bed headboard, she begged, “Can we please fuck again after lunch?”

KATIE’S fears were not without merit. On Moby’s first day of school he worked out especially hard in gym class. The sweaty boy hit the showers with his classmates. King Kong’s dong couldn’t have stirred up such a raging firestorm of rumor or tittle-tattling gossip. Before lunch was over, there was no girl or boy student who had not heard about Moby’s big dick.

Moby, of course, had never been bashful. He didn’t mind playing Show and Tell with any girl who asked. There were plenty who did, and even a few boys. Several of the more curious just had to touch. The bolder kids played with the Beast. Someone, Moby didn’t remember who, had provided this boy with a Little Black Book which quickly filled with names and numbers.

Katie cried upon seeing the Little Black Book when she stopped to see ‘her’ fella after school. Since nobody was home but his dad, Moby decided to show his love and compassion for ‘his’ best girl by stripping her clothing off then doing the same to himself. He threw the naked girl over his shoulder and headed for the kitchen and some afternoon delight. He none too gently laid her sexy, feminine body on the eating table. Grabbing up a squeeze bottle of maple syrup, he liberally squirted out globs of the sugary sweets onto nipples and tits then onto a close-shaven pussy mound. This hungry boy even coated a swollen clit, then for good measure, he squeezed a couple of shots up into her vaginal cavity.
Satisfied, Moby now began eating. Licking and sucking with a ravenous appetite, he devoured nipples and tits then a pussy and clit. Minutes passed without measure but hunger was finally satiated. Now time for dessert! Squeezing out the remainder of the syrup onto his penile giant, he guided the slippery shaft towards its favorite hole. It slid in effortlessly.

Even though she knew it was coming, Katie squealed when Moby’s big dick penetrated her pussy. After four years of being fucked by this boy’s monstrous meat, she was pleasantly thrilled that she still had a firm, tight vaginal hole. The Beast was now stretching this hole’s muscles and plunging deep into its welcoming cavity. The rigid rod’s oversized shaft was causing her feminine body to have such exquisite pleasure she couldn’t stop the squeals and screams coming from her mouth.

Breathtaking orgasms rocked Katie’s teen world. Joyous pleasure raced through every fiber of her being. Yet, even as her cumming pussy was spraying the dick she loved, this girl’s mind couldn’t help but wonder what her young lover would do with the names and numbers in his black book.

Moby’s mind was having similar wondering thoughts. Oh yes, his big dick was cumming inside the pussy of the girl of his dreams, yet these weren’t the first orgasms he’d had this day! Earlier in the day, two senior girls had pulled him into the janitor’s closet and working together had jacked him off. He couldn’t remember their names, but they had highlighted their numbers in his book. After fifth period, his teacher, Miss Brooks, had kept him in. She had unzipped his pants, pulled out the rumored penis, and then the curious cocksucker had given him a cum-swallowing blowjob. As dangerous as it was to her career, she had also put her number in the book.

Moby finally reasoned that Katie was his first love and he would be true to her. Yes, he most certainly would be!

On the other hand, those short-skirted, tight-topped schoolgirls were very tempting and their pumping hands had really felt good! And, so had Miss Brooks’ mouth! What is that song or saying he had heard? It was something like: If you’re not with the one you love, love the one you’re with!

Moby’s big dick expelled another load of seminal cream into Katie’s sugary pussy. Clarity then hit him. Megan and Brittany were those senior girl’s names and Emily was Miss Brooks’ first name!

“I betcha they’ve got nice pussies!” the horny, cunt-loving boy silently told himself. Moby’s big dick stirred excitedly and started cumming again.

anonymous readerReport

2013-09-15 02:20:03
I know that JackAssTales doest come around anymore but I have to say this Ending ruined the story. Why did Moby have to turn into just another asshole? What is it with authors ruining stories right at the end?

anonymous readerReport

2013-07-30 08:13:47
I thought it was really good until the last part. It would have been a better ending, in my opinion anyway, if he chose to just be with her. But i guess that's just the hopeless romantic in my. anyway, amazing story!! Loved it.

anonymous readerReport

2013-07-30 02:46:07
You are super awesome at this, it gave me a huge lust for sex!

anonymous readerReport

2013-02-22 03:52:33
taxmt 100000000000000000000

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2012-09-04 00:03:22
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