Two Cute Boys

Jake had just gotten back from summer break. He had just turned 12, and he was ready for middle school. His parents had just given him the go-head to invite some friends over for a pre-school party in his basement.

Jake had a skinny body, the kind that you see with a skinny six pack. He had no body hair except his dirty blonde hair that fell over his blue eyes. He eyed himself in his mirror next to his shower everyday, looking at his 1-inch soft cock and smiling.

“Oh my god I can’t wait for my friends to come…. I get hard just thinking about it.” As he said this, his soft, uncut penis slowly began to throb with anticipation, growing to a healthy three inches. His two balls were the size of standard marbles, with a smooth, hairless sack.

He would sometimes touch his balls, and he jacked off every night. Sometimes he would masturbate twice a day thinking about girls, boys, or anything. As Jake showered, he felt like experimenting. He took a bar of soap and lathered his small, pink anus. He then proceeded to soap up his right middle finger – as he did so his penis grew incredibly hard – and then slowly prodded his butthole with his finger. It easily went in, and Jake felt a rush of indescribable happiness. It was a mixture of cold, pain, and ecstasy. He read somewhere that there was something called a prostate, and that if you hit it, you could cum really far. His small hands couldn’t reach his prostate, however.

“Maybe one day I’ll be able to feel it,” mumbled Jake as he took his finger out. He finished showering and put on his polo and his Nantucket red shorts. He liked looking preppy – he lived in an upper-class neighborhood and thought the nicer clothes he wore, the more people would look at him. He was right. Girls loved the sight of Jake, and boys were jealous. He had the body of an athlete and a child model in one.

As Jake ran down his list for his party, he kept eyeing one name: Cotter Windgate. Cotter was the boy of his dreams. He had a skinny build as well, almost identical to Jake except for he was a little taller, had long brown hair, and green eyes. The two were best friends since kindergarten and had had many playdates in the past.

Jake remembered one time when both of them locked themselves into a room, and proceeded to pull down their shorts and underpants. “It was probably when we were 9,” thought Jake. Their one and a half inch-long boners were raised, and they moved closer to touch head to head. They were both uncut, so when they rubbed their penises together the foreskin went up and down, allowing amazing flexibility and feeling. Cotter then dragged Jake onto a bed and got on top of him. He rubbed his little dick hard into Jakes, and the feeling of their balls moving as one was a feeling of happiness Jake could never forget. At that time neither one of them knew what cum nor ejaculation was, so they stopped after a while of wrestling.

At 10, they experimented with pee. When they were told to go shower after having a fun day at the beach, the two decided that showering together would be quicker. They both got undressed when Cotter said, “I gotta go pee.” Jake then looked at the toilet and said, “Me too.”

“Let’s go together then.”

“Okay – have you ever felt pee before?”

“No, wanna try it?”

“Sure. Let’s go in the shower.” Cotter and Jake went into the shower and before turning on the water, began to pee on each other. Jake went first, peeing on Cotter’s stomach and then aiming his stream down to Cotter’s small penis and ball sack. The pee went off of his hood and balls as Cotter commented on how warm it was. Cotter then smiled as he aimed his pee toward Jake, but then went up to Jake and pressed his dick to Jakes dick. He then proceeded to pee, getting both of their penises and balls wet.

All these years later, thought Jake, I’m still in this same shower, where our pee once flowed on the ground together.

As the boys arrived later that night for the party, Jake couldn’t wait for afterwards when Cotter said he could sleep over. Cotter’s green eyes illuminated the room as he ran around with the other boys in the basement. There were 10 boys in all, all of them the same age. They all began to tackle each other as boys commonly do, allowing them to release energy from all the soda they had drank. Jake was running around when all of a sudden he was pushed from behind and fell to the carpeted ground. He felt a body press against his butt, and he thought he felt something hard poke his right butt cheek. He grew hard instantly as young boys do, and did a move that flipped his opponent onto his back. Jake then hopped on his offender, who he saw to be Cotter. Through their shorts, both of their hard penises were touching. Jake then smiled, did a quick hip-grind into Cotter’s groin, and hopped off to go get limp in the bathroom. Cotter smiled back and grabbed a pillow and went to the couch to get rid of his raging boner.

The rest of the night was fun, and after all the boys left and after Jake’s parents went to bed, Jake and Cotter were alone in his basement. Cotter smiled and said, “That was a lot of fun, dude. Videogames, cake, soda, friends…. What more could you ask for?” Jake laughed in reply.

“Maybe naked girls, man. We all should have just had sex with girls.” He didn’t know what made him say that, but his growing penis inside his boxers told him he had said the right thing. Cotter then sat closely next to Jake on the couch and whispered in his ear:

“Maybe all we need is each other for that.” Jake looked blankly at Cotter’s smirk. Jake had never known something like this could have evolved out of this night.

Cotter then asked, “Are you hard?”

“I’m raging, man.”

“You wanna show each other our dicks? We can compare and stuff.”

Jake didn’t need to be asked twice. He slowly pulled down his shorts and boxers as Cotter did the same, and they both stood enthralled at each other’s dicks.

Both of their dicks were three inches hard, and both of them were hairless. Cotter’s balls were a little bit bigger than Jake’s, a fact they found by putting each of their balls next to each other’s. Their skinny thighs allowed them to push their cocks together while still sitting down.

“This feels amazing, Cotter” Jake moaned as their tempo increased to blatant humping.

“I know, I’ve been waiting for this all summer.” The two boys looked at each others perfectly soft faces and then looked down to see their small shafts rubbing together in perfect harmony.

“Let’s try something different,” whispered Cotter as he got down on his knees. He then proceeded to take Jake’s three-inch cock by the base, pull back the foreskin, and lick his shaft. Jake moaned out of pure ecstasy. Cotter thought his warm cock was soft and hard at the same time and a little salty. Cotter then licked Jake’s crown and head before inserting all three inches into his mouth. Jake felt Cotter’s tongue swirling on his small head and grabbed Cotter’s hair to pull him closer to his chest. Cotter coughed and retreated, only to swallow the penis whole again. Since Jake’s penis was short enough, He could face fuck Cotter while Cotter looked up into Jake’s eyes. Jake couldn’t hold it in anymore.

“Oh my god, Cotter I’m gonna cum!”

With that, Cotter pulled back and watched as Jake dribbled a small bit of semen out of his hole. He didn’t cum much at all, but his body was shaking from the feeling. Cotter then looked down to notice a little glob of his own precum at the tip of his hole. He scooped it up with his finger, then scooped all of Jake’s cum, and used it as lube to put his pointer finger in Jake’s asshole.

Jake groaned out of pleasure and surprise.

“Now it’s your turn, sexy.” Cotter erotically said. Jake had a different idea, however.

Jake said,
“How about you go into my backpack over there and take out my Dove hand lotion,
put it on your cock, and fuck me. Cotter’s eyes lit up and dashed over to the backpack. After rubbing a generous amount of lube on his small cock, Cotter then pressed his small head against Jake’s even smaller hole.
The head went in first, and Jake’s penis was already hard again. As Cotter slowly pushed his cock in while they were doing doggie style, He reached one of his lubed hands to grab hold of Jake’s semi-hard cock. The foreskin was still covering half the head, and it turned on Cotter. He loved the look of an uncut cock. Cotter shoved the rest of his penis into Jake, much to Jake’s happiness. Jake felt something amazing happen- he felt his prostate gland being prodded. This coupled with a hand job from Cotter proved to be the most exotic sexual feeling ever created for this 12 year old boy.

Cotter didn’t last long. He moaned and said he was going to cum. Jake said he was two, so Cotter pulled out and then proceeded to grind his dick on top of Jake’s. They both embraced and humped rapidly, allowing their lubed dicks to rub each other into bliss. Cotter dribbled some semen onto Jake’s belly button, while Jake came, but no cum came out. They both bucked into each other’s naked bodies while closing their eyes from the experience.

“That was amazing, Cotter” Jake said.

“I know man, and guess what?” Cotter replied.


“It’s only 11:30…”

That concludes part one! Tell me if you want me to continue! This is my first story, so please let me know what you think!

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2014-03-10 01:48:13
I think I'll so Fuck Jake up the ass with my at least 7 in penis ohhh I'm about to cum


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This website is great 2b88036bd1dab94fb0315cb58883d330

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Kik: mickruck. Hi I'm 14 I like boys my age. And a little younger like 12 maybe.

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I came just by reading this <3

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Omg this is so hot!!

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